Core Wool


"Core Wool" is a term used for undyed wool produced in batt or roving. It can be any natural color. When creating a 3D sculpture, the large portions can be made of Core Wool as it is cheaper to use than dyed wool. Keep plenty on hand for those moments when inspiration strikes!

VM...what's that?! VM stands for Vegetable Matter. It's the little bits of hay, weeds and other green stuff that gets caught in the fleece prior to shearing. I'm convinced the sheep store it there as a snack for later. During the washing and carding process, the majority falls out of the wool. However, there will always be stray bits that you may see in any finished wool you buy--from everywhere. So if you find a wee bit hiding in any of our wool, remember that at least it has been washed. And perhaps we have left it there to remind you that this is an all natural product!

TIP: Look closely at any wool you are purchasing for needle's important that it has crinkly little fibers laying in many directions. Once the wool is processed more, the crinkly fibers are removed and the longer fibers lay more parallel. Perfect for spinning or wet felting, this wool won't needle felt as well or as quickly. Don't be you know what to look for!

Core Wool Large

A generous 1/4+ lb. of our own core wool, it has been getting rave reviews for felting up fast and firm. This is what I personally use in all my creations! Produced by our small flock of fiber sheep, I have found the perfect blend of breeds that works well for needle felting. I shear twice a year, but supplies can be limited due to demand, so stock up when you see it available here.

The little woolen birdie is a work in progress using this core wool to show you how well it felts up--and this little guy is rock hard. Hand is shown for reference (not for pity for my arthritis!).

Woolen birdie and hand not included.


Core Wool Small

we've stuffed 4" x 6" zippy storage bags full of Core Wool for you!


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