Pat’s Page

In this photo, you can see me and the back end of a felted horse.


Now you guess which is which…

When asked why do I spend hours poking wool over and over with an extremely sharp needle, I guess I would have to say it’s because of what I can create, and the fun that goes along with it. After needle felting a life-size Golden Eagle (“Willow”), we had more fun taking her to the big bead and fiber shows all around the country. Of course, she traveled on my arm, and startled folks wherever we went. I consider it a compliment when folks are alarmed at seeing a live bird in the airport before they find out she is made entirely of felt, because she looks that realistic. Fun! At the same time, as people are staring and asking questions, they are learning about this fabulous art medium that anybody can do. Okay, maybe not a Golden Eagle right away, but start small and keep practicing!

My home and Studio are in western Massachusetts, where I live with my very understanding husband Vic, two silly Boston Terriers, and artfully talented daughter, Emily Rose.