Fistful of Felt Book


Meet the Author


I’m known for saying, “Take a step outside of your box — get out of your comfort zone!” I’m convinced, however, that I personally don’t have a box to step out of — heck, I’ll try anything once! I found my passion, however, when my beloved friend Bee handed me a clump of wool and a needle and said, “try it!” It’s been an addiction for me ever since. Traveling to Scotland and Ireland allowed me to see techniques that I had not seen in this country, and I hope to introduce some of that into this book.

Pat owns Colorful Creations Bead Company, Inc. in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, teaching many other mediums including glass, metals, polymer, precious metal clay, resin, chainmaille and wire working. She is a Reiki Master, specializes in stone and crystal healing, has one husband, one daughter and one dog (the dog proofread the whole book so it’s his fault if there are any typos).

“I reject your reality and substitute it for my own”
~Adam Savage

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What’s Next?!

Book Two is already in the works — lots more jewelry and other projects, additional techniques for working with wool, fun woolly facts and tips with Sherman the Sheep!

Book Three incorporates mixed media projects — items you may not have thought to integrate into wool — wait ’til you see!

Book Four will be all about armature — critters and other great projects that anybody can master!